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Gas pipeline Installation in Kochi

Futura Tech Service can provide Gas pipeline installation services to residential, commercial, and industrial applications at a competitive rate, without ever jeopardizing integrity or quality.We are giving the sales of MLC gas pipeline fittings with best price With years of Gas pipeline installation service & management experience, Futura Tech has developed efficient processes to allow assurance and ease from contract signing through system commissioning.

Jindal MLC gas pipeline.Best quality pipe for the gas pipeline installation.Best price jindal mlc pipeline in kochi,Ernakulam

Jindal MLC Gas Pipe Characteristics

Jindal MLC Gas Piping System combines the advantage of metal and plastic, and eliminate the disadvantages of both materials at the same time. The aluminum core is absolutely diffusion light and reliably prevents oxygen or gases from permeating. It compensates and reduces snap-back forces and heat expansion with changes in temperature.

Jindal MLC Gas Pipes are an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor installations. The pipes conform to stringent international standards for gas piping systems and multilayer piping technology.

The pipe consists of an overlapped aluminum core with an inner and outer layer of polyethlene, Le., PE. All the layers are permanently bonded together by intermediate adhesive layers. The aluminum thickness of Jindal MLC Gas Pipes has been selected to meet compressive and flexural strength requirements

Advantages of Gas Pipelines

  • Clean and easy to install, no welding, soldering, thread cutting or bonding

  • Easy to Bend

  • Light Weight

  • Corrosion resistant, due to its inner and outer layer of plastic

  • Excellent long-time rupture strength offer's safety in daily use

  • Minimal Roughness k-0.007 mm ensuring less pipe friction and lower pressure losses

  • Thermal linear expansion similar to that of metal pipes

  • High Operating temperature of upto 60°C and Operating pressure of 5 bar (5 kgs)

MLC Gas pipeline fintting sales in kochi,Ernakulam.
Jindal MLC gas pipeline for the commercial application such as hospital,Hotel

Application of MLC Gas pipes

  • Residential: MLC Gas pipelines are commonly used in residential homes to supply gas to appliances such as stoves, furnaces, and water heaters.

  • Commercial: MLC Gas pipelines are also used in commercial buildings such as restaurants, hotels, and office buildings.

  • Industrial: MLC Gas pipelines are used in a variety of industrial applications, such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, and power plants.

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